What are the options for Conservatory Roofs?
What are the options for Conservatory Roofs?
March 20, 2019
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April 11, 2019
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Why install Conservatory Blinds?

3 very good reasons to install conservatory blinds

When first thinking about a new conservatory, conservatory blinds can be the last thing on your mind.  It can be very easy to be focused on other elements such as what style of room or whether to use UPVC, Aluminium or timber for the frames.

Conservatory roof & window blinds, however, can have an important role to play in your conservatory design. Making a good choice here can save you some potential heartache and money.

To explain further, here are 3 very good reasons to install conservatory blinds.

Number 1: Heat management

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A lot is said about energy efficiency these days. Solar gain is often mentioned, as are U-values. Solar gain can help heat your home, higher U-values help insulation.

You may also have heard that having 28mm thick, Argon gas filled double glazed windows with low-e glass in your conservatory are the best for energy efficiency.

This is all very well, but the highest efficiency double glazing comes at a higher price. If you are on a tight budget, maybe you would have to compromise a little.

Given that a typical conservatory is around 70% glass, on a sunny day there can be a lot of potential heat build-up to manage.

Fitting even a simple set of conservatory roof blinds & window blinds can cut down a large amount of heat build-up. In sunny / hot weather they can be closed, on duller days, they can be opened.

Potentially a far cheaper option than the previously mentioned 28mm “all singing, all dancing” double glazing.

Conversely, in colder weather, conservatory blinds do also offer a small element of insulation, keeping your room a bit warmer.

Number 2: Glare & Sunlight

A nice bright conservatory is something you may have dreamed of, but having loads of direct sunlight can also bring its’ own drawbacks.

Too much sun glare can make your conservatory uncomfortable to inhabit. If you are thinking of using your lap-top, tablet or maybe even a TV in your conservatory, then it’s going to be difficult to see the screen if there is too much overhead sun-glare.

Venetian or Vertical blinds are an excellent solution to combat glare. With the ability to be set at any angle, managing the amount of light coming into the room is an easy task.

Apart from the general irritation of glare, harsh direct sunlight can also fade your decoration and your furnishings. So having an option to reduce direct sunlight can help your internal décor remain in good shape longer.

Number 3: Privacy

Unless you are lucky enough to have your own private grounds or no immediate neighbours, then the chances are that your home is overlooked from one direction or another.

During the daytime it may not bother you so much. However, at night with the lights on inside, every move you make is illuminated for all to see.

Fitting any one of the many conservatory blind designs will give you all the privacy that you require.


So when all is said and done, fitting conservatory roof and window blinds can help make your room more comfortable and energy efficient. Blinds can also keep your décor in better shape.

Last, but not least, with some amazing designs in the market, conservatory blinds can really make your room look great.

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