What Are the Top 5 Design Options for Conservatory Interiors?

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What Are the Top 5 Design Options for Conservatory Interiors?

Conservatory Interiors – fitting out your home extension.

Adding a new conservatory is a cost effective and popular way of extending a property. But once it’s built, how do you want the interior to look?

So to give you some ideas, here are 5 design options for conservatory interiors.

1 Heating

Cortina Radiator

Cortina Radiator

In order to enjoy your new room during the colder months of the year, having heating in your conservatory is important.  Here are a couple of alternatives to a standard central heating radiator.

  • Underfloor heating: There are 2 basic types of underfloor heating systems, Wet & Dry.

Wet systems use hot water to circulate within a matrix of pipes laid under the floor. Dry systems use electrical cables to generate the heat. Both types of underfloor heating can be fitted during construction or fitted afterward. If you fit afterward, bear in mind that it will raise your finished floor level.

The benefits of underfloor heating for your conservatory is that is deliver heat evenly, leaving no cold or hot spots. Once purchased and fitted, both types are said to be economical to run and energy efficient.

  • Designer radiators: why be boring. How about something unique & unusual?

Some of the latest radiator designs will amaze you. With some examples looking more like a piece of artwork than a heater. Take a look at some of the examples here, just to give yourself and idea of what we mean. https://www.theradiatorcentre.com/designer

2 Flooring

What you put on your conservatory floor can have a big effect on the room.  So take some time to think about it.

Tiled floors are often used, but can sometimes feel cold to the touch and not much fun to walk on barefoot. Dropping a nice quality thick rug over the floor is a quick and luxurious solution.

If you bare flooring, but want the effect of a warmer touch why not consider Vinyl floor coverings

Vinyl coverings can be smooth or you can find textured surfaces, such as in wood effect finishes.

Laminated wood floors will also give the room a warmer look and feel.

3 Lighting

Design Options for Conservatory Interiors

Recessed lighting in Kitchen Orangery

During the daytime, light in your conservatory should not be a real problem. With a glazed roof & sides, most of the year, it’s more likely that you want to create some shade during the daytime.

However, when you do need light, here are a few ideas.
  • Wire lighting: Simply a string of lights on a wire. Designers have come up with some interesting ideas and they work well in a conservatory. They can be fitted anywhere.
  • Recessed lighting / spotlights: Takes a bit more labour to install than a wire system, but directional down-lights like these can be very effective and stylish.
  • Floor Lamps: Versatile in terms of positioning and with a wide choice of design a floor lamp can be ideal.

4 Window coverings

As briefly mentioned before, a conservatory has a lot of glass, so choosing what covers them is worth spending some time thinking about.

Vision Blinds

Day / Night Vision Blinds. Hudson blinds.co.uk

Window blinds have loads of designs to choose from, even ones that are built into the double glazing. Typically, you can find the following:

  • Venetian
  • Roller / Vision / Visage
  • Roman
  • Vertical
  • Pleated

Example Pricing for 1.2m x 1m approximate size:  £180.00 to £250.00, fitted with 5 year guarantee– see more here

5 Furnishings ?

Hehku conservatory

Hehku conservatory

Furnishing conservatory interiors is a very personal matter of taste & style. Whether you prefer Minimalist, period, contemporary or something different, all bring their own feel to your home extension.

For some, the conservatory may be just a simple sunroom. A place to go sit, maybe read a book, and relax, In this instance cane furniture will certainly provide that look and feel of a “summerhouse”.

Having the conservatory as a kitchen extension brings its’ own considerations and will benefit from proper pre-planning – even before the conservatory is built.

The larger your conservatory, the more flexibility you have in terms of how you can furnish it. Conversely, a small conservatory can limit your options.

The image to the right is one of my favourites. Light colours give the kitchen conservatory the feeling of space. The layout is simple and the furnishings not overpowering.

  • This particular room (and image) is by Hehku

In closing

It’s quite easy to overlook the costs of fitting out your conservatory when you are first looking and choosing a style, so make sure you have taken account of the potential interior finishing expenses into your budget.

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