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Small Orangeries Vs Small Conservatories

What are the advantages of Small Orangeries Vs Small Conservatories?

If you are considering an extension to your property, but can’t decide whether to go for a small conservatory or orangery, this article may help you out.

There are quite a few differences between the 2 options.  So here is a general comparison of Small Orangeries Vs Small Conservatories to highlight the main ones.

What do we mean by “small”?

In this case we are talking about a conservatory or orangery up to 3.0 metres X 3.5 metres.  However, the term itself is quite subjective.

What are the main visual differences between an orangery and a conservatory?

If we try to keep it as simple as possible, then a typical conservatory will have the roof and walls made from glass. An orangery will have more solid panels in the sides, including columns & pillars combined with a flat roof that features a glazed “lantern” skylight.

Small Orangeries and ConservatoriesAs you can see form the image above, the angled roofline of a conservatory extends right out to the top of the sides. The orangery has a flat roof with a central glazed section (lantern).

As a rule of thumb, a conservatory is likely to be at least 70% glass (or other translucent material). As you can also see from the images above, a typical orangery is far more detailed than a glass conservatory.

Construction – Small Orangeries Vs Small Conservatories

When it comes to the building work, the labour & materials needed even for a small orangery can be a lot more than needed for a conservatory.

However, there are some common points to consider for both prior to embarking on your project, take a look at this article.

An orangery is a more substantial extension than a conservatory. Orangeries tend to be a more permanent looking structure and blend well with the existing building. A conservatory, however, looks like what it is – an extra room added afterwards and not such an integral part of the property.

In the UK, a high proportion of conservatories can be built without the need for planning permission under the “permitted development” rules.

A small conservatory can easily qualify as a permitted development and therefore not need permission to build. This may not be the case with a small orangery.

Having said that, there are conditions applicable to the “permitted development” scenario. It is our advice that you always check with your local planning authority before you start any work.

Small Orangeries Vs Small Conservatories Cost.

Given what we have covered beforehand, it should come as no surprise that an orangery, in most cases is going to be more expensive than a conservatory.

You could, of course make the price of a conservatory higher by adding more features such as a tiled roof or dwarf walls. Conversely, you could simplify the design of your orangery and lower the costs involved.

  • How much does a small conservatory cost? For a 3×3 UPVC Lean to conservatory, you could expect to find prices in the region of £7,000 to £10,000.
  • How much does a small Orangery cost? For a small orangery you could expect to find prices in the region of £10,000 to £20,000.

In Summary – which to choose Small Orangeries or Small Conservatories?

Clearly there is quite a difference in cost between the two designs, and if you are on a limited budget, the decision would seem to be made for you in this case.  A conservatory is the cheaper option.

If cost is not your main criteria, then a small orangery offers significant value for money. An orangery, in many opinions, also represents the most desirable of the two.  Having an orangery is something to give you bragging rights.

An orangery will always look more of a permanent addition to the home. It can add considerable resale value to a property and therefore also represents an excellent investment.

To find out more about the cost of an orangery or conservatory for your home, go to our quotes page here.