Small Orangeries Vs Small Conservatories
Small Orangeries Vs Small Conservatories
February 6, 2019
What are the options for Conservatory Roofs?
What are the options for Conservatory Roofs?
March 20, 2019
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Large Lean to Conservatory Designs & Costs.

Large Lean to Conservatory Designs & Costs.

Buying a Large Lean to Conservatory – what options are there?

As one of the most popular designs, you can see them all over the country. But if you are thinking about a large lean to conservatory, it’s going to be worthwhile to consider your options in advance.

Here are a few ideas about large lean to conservatory designs, together with a short price guide.

Lean to Conservatory Designs

The basic shape of a regular sized lean to is most often rectangular. The roof is typically just a single sided sloping affair. Angled so that it runs downward away from where it is attached to the main boy of the house.

It’s very simple and that is why it’s so popular, however, there is quite a bit of room for personalisation if you want.

1)     The Roof.

reverse slope lean to roofAs mentioned above, a lean to conservatory roof has 1 side and slopes away from the main body of the property, but why no change the direction?

As long as you have it set up so that any rainwater is effectively dealt with, sloping the roof backward towards the house makes a striking difference to the visual appearance.

You could also rotate the angle of slope by 90 degrees to the left or right (making the roof slope “sideways”).

Poly-carbonate or glass roofing is common, but you could also opt for a tiled roof. It will cut down the light from above, but that helps with heat management.

2)     The walls.

The two images above feature full height glass sided designs, but thoughtful use of solid walling can make quite an impact. Low level dwarf walls are common, but you could include full height brickwork to one or more sides as a feature.

3)     The doors.

Large Lean to Conservatory DesignsWith a large lean to conservatory, you have room to use a set of sliding or even bifold patio doors for your entryway.

Inline sliding doors don’t interfere with your internal room space and Bifold open so wide it’s almost like having a removable glass wall.

The 1st image on the left, above, has a set of French doors fitted to a “Gull-wing” lean-to. The centre image has inline sliding doors and the one on the right has a set of Bifold doors fitted.

4)     The look.

There are some well used variations on the basic 3-sided room, all of which suit a large lean to conservatory.

shaped conservatories

  • L-shape: This is where the conservatory “wraps around” an outer corner of a property or fits into an inner corner.
  • P-shape: This is where a lean-to is combined with a Victorian conservatory.
  • T-shape: typically 2 sections of a lean to set at angles to each other to form a “T”.
  • B-shape: 2 Victorian conservatory sections connected to each other by a lean-to section.

If you really want something special, then you get into the bespoke designs. You will, however, need deeper pockets!

Modern Conservatory Two Designs


Bespoke designs, like the ones’ shown above, are not your average “cheap lean to conservatory”. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into designing, fabricating and installing bespoke rooms like these.

The one on the left is a very good example of what has become known as the Glass box conservatory. However, with so much glass you will need to ensure your design can manage all the potential heat build-up and sun glare.

5)     The price.

Prices, as you can imagine, vary a lot depending on what you eventually opt for.

For a 3500 x 2000 mm uPVC Lean to with polycarbonate roofing could cost £6,500 to £8,500. An L-shaped room anywhere from £11,000 to £20,000. A bespoke or contemporary design can start at £30,000 with high end designs over £50,000.

If you would like to find out the cost of a large lean to conservatory for your home, just provide a few simple details from our quote request page. Just click the button below.

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