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How Much are Fully Fitted Conservatories?

The Cost of Fully Fitted Conservatories.

The answer to the question “How much are fully fitted conservatories?” will throw up a lot of different results. For example, you can find average conservatory prices ranging from under £5,000 for small lean to conservatories, to £20,000+ for large conservatories. Expect to need a budget of over £30,000 for bespoke designs.

Dependent on your own definition of a fully fitted conservatory, the “sticker price” may not be the only costs that you need take into account.

As an illustration of the above point, one person may see “fully fitted” as simply the delivery & installation of the conservatory only. Another person may interpret “full fitted” as not only being the delivery & installation, but also the décor furnishing, heating & lighting.

Conservatory Prices – what factors can affect them?

The 4 most obvious considerations with the biggest impact when considering conservatory costs are:
  1. Size of the conservatory: Logic dictates, the bigger you build, the more money you need to invest.
  2. Style of the conservatory: A simple lean to design will be less costly that something more complex, such as Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian conservatories.
  3. Frame Material: A solid Oak conservatory is going to be costlier than UPVC. Aluminium conservatories may be less expensive than solid Oak, but are also costlier than UPVC.
  4. Conservatory roof: Polycarbonate sheets are the least expensive option, but they are not as effective as a double glazed or a tiled conservatory roof (tiled being the costliest option).

Other design elements that also have an influence, but to a lesser degree can be:

  • For UPVC or Aluminium adding a coloured finish will incur a cost.
  • Double glazing units vary in energy efficiency. Gas filled 28mm units are the most effective, but maybe your quote only accounts for lower grade glazing.
  • The conservatory doors you choose: A big set of Bifold patio doors looks amazing, but costs way more than a set of French doors.
  • Lighting & power: Your basic price might only cover a simple single light and 2 power outlets. Fancy lighting and more power sockets will add the overall cost.

Bespoke Fully Fitted Conservatories

What can you reasonably expect to be included in basic fully fitted conservatories prices?

  1. The foundations. The base of the conservatory is important for structural integrity and should be specified.
  2. The conservatory frame with a set of doors (usually French). Doors should have multipoint locks.
  3. Double glazing to the sides with 3 or 4 opening fanlights. Windows should have locking handles.
  4. A polycarbonate roof with manually operated vent and stepped lead flashing to the wall where it meets the house.
  5. Possibly a 4-blade ceiling fan with built-in light.
  6. 2, or maybe 3, power outlets.
  7. Here are some pointers on what to consider before starting out.
Worth mentioning – underfloor heating.

If you are considering using underfloor heating, then it is going to be best to fit this during the construction phase. You can choose between a Wet system (piped hot water) or Dry system (electrically heated).

Whilst it is possible to “retro-fit” both wet or dry underfloor heating, installing the systems will inevitably result in the raising of the internal floor level. In reality you may have to raise the floor as much as 50 to 75mm – that could play havoc with your doors if they open into the room.

Worth mentioning – Tiled Vs Polycarbonate Vs Double glazed conservatory roof.

It’s almost standard practice, to have a polycarbonate conservatory roof fitted in the first instance. There is good reason for many people to do so, as polycarbonate is very cheap, tougher than glass and also very light.

But if you take a moment to think about it, one of the main reasons that the conservatory roofing market is thriving is due to so many homeowners replacing their polycarbonate installations for glazed or tiled versions. The reverse is not happening, i.e. swapping tiles or glass for polycarbonate.

That can lead you to the conclusion that people become dissatisfied with polycarbonate over time.

If you are on a tight budget, then polycarbonate is a good option to start with, and maybe you can change it later.

Tiled and double glazed conservatory versions are costlier. But you are getting a more energy efficient, stronger, longer lasting and, in our opinion more attractive, roof.

Tiled Conservatories

How much do conservatory roofs cost?

Here is a rough guide to what you could expect to pay for a replacement conservatory roof.

What are the costs of Fully Fitted Conservatories?

As we have covered above, there are a lot of variables when it comes to conservatory prices, fully fitted or otherwise. Bearing that in mind, here are some guide prices for various conservatory types to give you some idea of what to expect.

Don’t forget that you have to furnish & decorate the interior – these costs have to be factored in also.

Standard Fully Fitted Conservatories Prices.
Bespoke Fully Fitted Conservatories Prices.
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In this case, fully fitted means delivery of the conservatory, installation of the base, installation of the frame, roof, doors & glazing. On the inside, finishing of the walls & making good. An overhead light with 2 wall mounted power outlets (and likely a coat of the ever present Magnolia emulsion paint!).

Whatever type of conservatory you choose, make sure that you have it fitted by professionals. If you work with installers who are accredited members of one or more of these industry trade bodies.


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